Faces of New York

Photography Exhibition, May 2022

Woodbridge Public Library, Woodbridge, CT 06525

Photographer Bio:

Neil Bainton grew up in Woodbridge. His grandparents on both sides were early converts to a suburban lifestyle, building houses in Woodbridge on what had been farm land.

This photo series focuses on faces captured in New York City over the last 4 years. Neil uses a broad interpretation of the word "face" including robots, paintings, figurines, and dogs. This is Neil's first photo exhibit.

Neil and his wife Betsy moved back to Woodbridge in 2020 and now live on Rimmon Road.

Neil is retired from business and keeps busy with photography, tennis, advising tech startups and restoring a 150-year-old Victorian home in Cabot, Vermont.

All of the proceeds from the sale of these photos will be donated to the Woodbridge Public Library.

Any donation for the artwork is welcome. You can email me at neil.bainton@gmail.com. Payment can be made via PayPal at bainton.neil@gmail.com or Venmo at Neil-Bainton

Terminator in Covid

Forbidden Planet store front in lower Manhattan, right next to Strand bookstore at Union Square.

Just loved that they put a mask on the robot!

The Mona Lisa of Williamsburg

by Colossal Media & Steven Paul

Easily one of the most famous and well known Williamsburg murals is the ‘Mona Lisa of Williamsburg,’ by teen photographer Steven Paul who was only 17 years old when he submitted his photograph, “Lost Time,’ in The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards in 2014.

There were over 255k submissions to this contest and Paul won the gold medal for his photo which led to a collaboration with Colossal Media by turning this photograph into a giant Williamsburg mural at this busy intersection on Broadway Avenue perfectly framed in the center between One World Trade Center in the distance in Manhattan and the Williamsburg Bridge.

Towering over 4 stories high, this has become one of the most recognizable murals and street art in Williamsburg.

Location: Broadway Avenue at the corner of Bedford Avenue

Wall mural of an adolescent girl watching the world.

This is stunning wall art. Hope you can make it to Williamsburg to see it for yourself.

Native Peoples

Mural in lower manhattan celebrating the beauty of indigenous Brazilian women.

Artist: Tito Ferrara

Address: MacDougal & W. Houston -- New York City – SoHo

I'm afraid this piece is no longer visible. I can say that it was stunning as we walked the streets of SOHO. I've become a huge fan of street art.

Toy Soldier

F.A.O. Schwarz toy soldier greeter at Rockefeller Center.

The iconic toy store F.A.O. Schwarz, founded in 1862, is back in New York City! In 2015, parent company Toys “R” Us closed the F.A.O Schwarz flagship store at Fifth Avenue and 58th Street inside the General Motors building. The store, with its floor piano, was the site of the famous scene the 1988 film Big starring a young Tom Hanks, and was in that location for 29 years years. Today, F.AO. Schwarz reopened at 30 Rockefeller Center under new ownership by the ThreeSixty Group and the spirit of the historic company appeared to be alive and well on opening day during our visit. Lines stretched down the block but employees dressed as toy soldiers, along with other staff at the front door, livened up the mood. Inside, children were busy checking out the wonderland.

These guys were so dedicated and make it hard not to smile. Looks like FAO Schwarz has got a model that works!

We Built this City

Depiction of 11 workers having lunch on a steel beam as they build the Rockefeller Center in 1932. The black and white photo below is the original and the figurine on the right is the photo I took. The figurine artwork was created by Sergio Funari.

I am fascinated by the build out of Manhattan in the 20's and 30's. This scene is from the construction of Rockefeller Center.

Lunch Atop a Skyscraper Photograph: The Story Behind the Famous Shot

Fireman in Shorts

Firemen showing up at our apartment building to check on a faulty alarm.

I've wondered why I kept this photo in the exhibit. But I always like the real-life-ness of the shot. These poor guys had been to our building multiple times to deal with a faulty fire alarm system. I think by the time I took this photo shorts were the right answer.

Blood Protest

Protest at the NYSE bringing attention to the death of José Can Xol. The Fearless Girl presided.

This scene developed as I was guiding some foreign tourists through lower Manhattan. To our great surprise this group descended on the NYSE and more importantly, the Fearless Girl. Not sure they made the point they hoped for, but it was colorful and red.

Ticker Tape Parade

While we lived in lower Manhattan we were treated to a ticker tape parade to honor the Woman's Soccer Team victory in the World Cup in 2019. This image is one of the many vendors selling memorabilia for the event.

The ticker tape parade dates back to an earlier time when building windows opened and brokers used paper to track stock prices. Large amounts of this ticker tape confetti were thrown from the open windows onto the parade below. As you walk down Broadway in lower Manhattan you can see commemorations in the sidewalk for all of the previous parades.

Smiling Patrol

NYC finest helping manage the crowd at the ticker tape parade for the Woman's Soccer team victory in the world cup

Mom... Really!

Mother and her daughter visiting Times Square and one more selfie!

Steam Lady

Directing traffic around our torn up street in Tribeca while ConEd replaces the aging steam pipes.

As part of this exhibit, I looked up the history of steam in NYC. Turns out the main use is to provide heat to the skyscrapers. It has also been used to power elevators back in the day. It feels like a throw back to a different time, but I guess it still works. Where we lived on Warren Street, there was a major East/West artery which needed replacing. Took at least two years.

Gonad Luck

Tradition holds that touching male genitalia increases fertility and good fortune. The poor raging bull never knew he would become a sex object.

I've got to say, this is the weirdest tourist experience I've ever had. For some reason, the theory is that touching the balls of the bull will improve fertility. Seems to be an asian concept. I know that in Verona, Italy, a lot of tourists touch Juliette's breast for good luck so maybe this isn't so strange.

Families Together

Protest against family separations at the southern border.

It seems like so long ago now, but I took this photo in 2018 when I joined a protest in Federal Square in lower Manhattan to protest former president Trump's policy to separate families at the border. While the event probably did nothing to change the course of events, it was nice to be with like minded individuals for an afternoon.

Statue of Liberty

Times Square costumed perfomers.

These guys are "crazy"!! There's been tons of debate on whether or not unregulated performers can show up on Times Square. Right now, it's the wild west. Folks from all over show up in whatever costume to hit up the tourists for tips. Keep in mind, these aren't Disney type figures. Always interesting, but not necessarily domesticated.

Raging Bull Soldiers

I really don't know how to describe this image. My wife and I stumbled upon it during an afternoon walk. Apparently, someone hired these folks to stand by the Raging Bull. We weren't present for the final photo.... Anyways the Raging Bull is a big draw in lower Manhattan.